BlogHer Conference in San Jose, CA and Stylefeeder

Do you remember my talking here about the little baby that P. created?


I find pretty amusing to see how things can sometimes evolve in life.

If you were lucky to have attended the BlogHer conference that was held in San Jose, California this past weekend, you will have had to wear a tag name around your neck. Nothing amazing or off the beaten path. To be expected at conferences. But check this out! As it turns out, the necklace tied to your name tag actually said:

Stylefeeder Feed your Sense of Style.

It is our baby! Our Stylefeeder. I have to say it! I found this fun, to imagine so many women bloggers walking around with this name on them, a name that is so familiar to both P. and I.

And just to mention a few food bloggers whom I know attended the conference. Of course, I do not need to introduce to you the fun Pim from Chez Pim. There were also great people like Elise from Simply Recipes (here post here), Shuna from Ms EggBeater, Erin from Erin’s Kitchen, Fatemeh fom Gastronomie-SF, Nicole from Baking Sheet and Slashfood (her post here), Kalyn from Kalyn’s Kitchen.

You can view a few pictures #1, #2 , #3 as examples.

Life is really keeping many surprises and coincidences, just as if everything ended up falling into place.

I only wished I could have been there …

Additional Articles in the Press about the Launch of Stylefeeder:

In the Boston Globe

In the Boston Herald

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  1. I didnt go either but I am hoping it will be in Boston next year and then I will make it!

    I just wanted to let you know I am using the stylefeeder.. its neat. I dont know if people are clicking on it (didnt notice any tracking anywhere)

  2. Hi Bea, Stylefeeder is you? I had no idea! I wish you all the luck and good fortune with it. 🙂

  3. Very fun. I am looking at my badge to see it right now. Wish you could have been there. Next year we need a LOT more food bloggers.

  4. Very cool! Great to see Stylefeeder getting some exposure. It’s a very cool product! (and, I’m with you… hopefully I’ll get to go to Blogher next year too!)

  5. We have joined up under the user name “sixy”. Fred is very excited – he thinks the wishlist gets sent directly to santa claus!

  6. Bea–so great to hear that a fellow foodblogger is behind this great idea. I like it a lot and look forward to getting organized!

  7. Yeah Sam, that is nice. I am like Fred, I think Santa Claus is close by. Actually, to make sure he gets the message, I especially tag the items I want as wishlist, so that he does not get confused. Looking forward to discovering your “stuff”

    Thanks Nika. Right now, I believe that there is not a way to know who click on your stylefeed, but could be a feature request. I heard the next conf is in Chicago. Not as far!

    Elise, thank you! 😉

    L, thanks a lot! I am, of course, a big fan of Stylefeeder 😉 It is fun to see thigs happening indeed, and I hope to see you at the conf next year!

    Connie, thank you! 😉

    Kat and Sher. thanks.

    Erin, yes indeed. A small world after all!

  8. Woah. Count me amongst the ones who didn’t know you’re behind Stylefeeder. Aweswome.

    Oh, and I liked the schwag t-shirts. 🙂

  9. la tartine aubergine -piquillos- fromage me tente bien; il faut avouer que les photos sont extra-ordinairement belles ! Pfff !!!

  10. Your talk today at the International Conference on Food Styling and Photography was perfect – you were as bright and cheery as your powepoint presentation! If you see Harlan, say Hello from me.

  11. Is there any chance for similar event to take place some time later this year or next year? I wish i learned about this conference in time(

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  14. meeting fellow foodbloggers in real life is strange, seeing people you have discussed things with for some time in real life, but it’s also great fun getting a face to the writings!!! i am hoping to attend next year…