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I do not even know where to start.

How to say it.

How to explain it.

Let’s say that we are all agreeing that most of us spend a lof of time surfing the web to find stuff. And a lot of stuff. Whether it is to find the newest cool lamp as seen in the latest copy of Dwell magazine, the latest Kitchen Aid appliance or where to buy that super colourful set of cups you saw and loved in a store you forget the name of. I often talk about things I find interesting and stylish, things I like with my friends. “Where did you get that tablecloth? I love it!” We send links to each other via email or Instant Messenger, we write down names and URLs on pieces of paper, or we exchange the precious links when we meet. But where does all this useful information go? A bookmark here, a bookmark there. How do you not lose it unless you are the king or the queen of organization? In the end, it is a pretty disorganized system, don’t you think?

But to this problem, there is a response.

And what is its name?


Why do I want to present this to you?

Well, I have a pretty good reason.

P. created it.

I remember the endless evenings we spent talking about the ideas and the concept. P. made the design and wrote the code, and I helped with the QA and usability. But during the whole development process, the countless hours P. spent writing the code to finally be able to release and sell it, I also had a major job. I cooked and made sure that P. (and I) would be well fed. That mattered. We both agree that well fed brains think better! At least, we like it this way.

If you want to share you own sense of style with friends, discover where to shop for things you have been looking for for a while, check out stylefeeder. Interested to know about my stylefeed? Here I am:

Bea’s Stylefeed

Additional Ressources:

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  1. If fed brains think better, I must be in good shape 🙂 Everybody should have a Bea in their life… but I think I’m gonna keep her for myself. If you have someone as supportive as Bea in your life, you’re *really* lucky. Don’t let go!


  2. Phil, I do believe you are right, you are really lucky.
    Thanks for the peek at your style Béa.

  3. Oh oh on dirait que ton Phil et mon Bernard l’Arno sont du même bord…”made the design”, “wrote the code” et surtout “endless evenings’ lui sur le clavier moi sur mes baking sheets pour confectionner quelques réconforts… Oops je m’égare ! Chouette concept en tout cas.

  4. Béa,

    Rest assured that it has been bookmarked and that I will be “researching” over the weekend which here in Canada is a long weekend as we celebrate Canada’s Birthday.

    Congratulations to you and P! And I agree that your job of keeping you well fed was crucial to the process!


  5. what an INCREDIBLE idea! way to go! both to P. for your ingenuity and bea for feeding that! 😉 thank you for sharing this with us!!!

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