Mon île blanche et verte – My White and Green Island

I decided that I was going to take you on my island.

    Not too big,
    Not too small,
    But surely sweet it is,
    Do you know this island?

The story of this island is yet to come.

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  1. Bea,
    I know it’s not but it looks like a giant marshmallow with spun sugar on top – that would be sweet indeed!
    Delightful shot!

  2. je ne pourrais pas suivre au fil de l’eau les échanges et les réponses mais la photo est à tomber.

    je passerai ce soir pour connaître la réponse.

  3. hey Béa!
    Back from NY with a Living issue!! Hihi! très belle interprétation! Ta photo vaut celle du magazine! Bravo!

  4. Très intriguant la devinette… :-))
    This is a dreamy dessert! Delicate spun sugar on this white creamy island… Mmmm…

  5. I bought the recent issue of Martha Stewart Living too! The cover was too gorgeous. I remember thinking, “Who would actually make the spun sugar crown for that floating island??” =) You’re awesome Bea!

  6. Hi Anita, nope, no marshmallow! 😉

    Relly, nope, no nougat either, ehehe!

    Anne, tu vas bientot connaitre la reponse!

    Fabienne, merci!

    Linda, ahhah, je crois que oui! Bravo!

    Choupette, c’est vrai, il y fait bon vivre, pas vrai?

    Mijo, this is funny!

    Audrey, thank you! Making the decoration was so much fun!

    MachaMalo, oui aerien!

    Orchidea, coming in the next post!

    Flo, ahahh, coquine, ca me fait plaisir de te lire! Tu brules!

    Kat, yes indeed!

    Zoubida, getting very close!

    Jen, you are like Flo, touching it very very closely! 😉 Thanks!

    Iamchanelle, that is right, fun to go there indeed!

    Brigitte, non pas de the matcha mais tu me donnes des idees!

    Natalie, thanks so much!

    Dianka, come soon to see!

    Bron, thank you! ahah you are very close!

    Laurane, oui c’est vrai j’arrete, c’est trop terrible!

    So for all, come to see what is the story of the island.

  7. Bea, cream of tartar is just a white powder that you put into your egg whites as you’re whipping them to help stabilize the whipped mixtures. Obviously, you do just fine without =). My mom and I use it when we’re whipping our egg whites when we make lemon chiffon cake. The pale greens and whites on the cover of Living was so attractive!

  8. Thanks Jen. I would be curious to try with cream of tartar to see if it makes a difference now! Although it is true, the outcome of the egg meringue was good as is.

    Lilo, ah merci, tu es trop gentille!