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What a *cool* idea! That means, I have to think and try to use my memory which is already so quickly fading away. I wonder how many neurones I lose a day while getting older. My rate seems larger than the normal average.

I was delighted to be tagged by Ivonne from Cream Puffs in Venice and participate in 7 Meme. As by what is listed below, you will soon understand what it is all about.

7 Things to Do Before I Die

  • Go to Patagonia and also to Asia, Vietnam, Laos, attends (wait!) , where is my list with the 200 400 country names on it?
  • Climb the Himalaya or any big tall out-of-reach mountain.
  • Own my Tart/Tartine/Salad restaurant or/and write a cookbook (I wonder when this will happen)
  • Be an amazing photographer (that is, I have to start reading the manuals and remember the camera settings, but at the rate by which my neurones are fading away….)
  • Be able to live in a big house with a vegetable garden, own a lap pool (eheh, I am an avid swimmer) and have a backdrop of mountains in the distance and at the same time, have an apartment in Paris (I can still dream considering the real estate prices there!)
  • Be able to communicate and understand my hubbie’s English 100% (I think it is his fault, he mumbles).
  • Fix my network/PC problems myself without asking P. all the time.

7 Things I Cannot Do

  • Once I feel the first sign of hunger, wait until it is ready! ( a glass of wine helps)
  • Shut up when trying to convince someone that fat-free, no cholesterol, sugar-free yogurts are crap!
  • Eat without putting food on my face. (Not sure why!)
  • Go to Sur la Table without buying a cooking/baking gadget of some sort.
  • Stop my constant purchasing endless supplies of plates, vases, cups, napkins, tablemats
  • Skip a meal
  • Stop getting food magazine subscriptions

7 Things that Attract Me to Blogging

  • I can talk about food and nobody gets bored and asks me to shut up
  • I wake up in the morning dying to see what happened in the food blogosphere at night
  • I learn and learn zillions of things about other food bloggers’ stories and great skills
  • I can meet people from all around the world with whom I share the same passion : la bonne bouffe (French slang for good food, ie grub)
  • I can expand my cooking knowledge thanks to other food bloggers
  • I laugh
  • I cook

7 Things I Say Most Often

  • Attends…(Wait!) Ah bon ? (Really?)
  • Come here, I have to show you something
  • Do you know what I need?
  • You must be joking!
  • Euh, ben j’en sais rien, je comprends pas (Euh, I don’t know, I don’t understand)
  • I have nothing to wear!
  • J’ai un petit creux, pas toi? (I am hungry (peekish), what about you?)

7 Books I Love

  • The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini
  • Nord Perdu by Nancy Huston
  • A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson
  • Mother Tongue by Bill Bryson
  • La Reine du Silence by Marie Nimier
  • Expecting Adam by Martha Beck
  • The Penguin Companion to Food by Alan Davidson

7 Movies/DVDs I Watch Over and Over Again

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  1. Just found your site off a comment on kokblog’s site. Love the meme. I noted you’re an avid swimmer? In what way? I swam competitively my whole life, including through college : ) I will have to check out some of your French movie picks too!

  2. Hi Mona,

    I am not a swimming competitor (was in running and athletics) but now that I do not run as much, I just swim a lot! 😉
    I will check your blog for more food adventures.

    Thank you!


  3. Great answers!!! When you open your restaurant, let me know and I will come and visit.

    And I too just loved “Babette’s Feast” … ah to have a meal like that!

  4. hehehe. I love the blog reason “I can talk about food and nobody gets bored and asks me to shut up” that is the same reason I started it. I love my close friends and they love to come and eat my food but if I try to talk to them about it they get alittle hazy eyed. This works best. Take care!