White Chocolate and Matcha Tea Marbled Cake — Marbré au chocolat blanc et thé Matcha

White Chocolate and Matcha Tea Marbled Cake

Every Saturday, besides washing the house floors, doing laundry or simply faire le ménage (doing housework), my mum used to bake a cake. It was a habit of hers. She did not necessarily vary what cake to bake too much, but did we really care? Not really. We were only eight or nine years old, and all that mattered was the buzz word gâteau (cake). She was a master at baking a marbled cake, un marbré. While she prepared the chocolate and vanilla batters in separate bowls, she knew that she would also be annoyed by mon frère B. and moi until she gave in. We would never let go. To the “Maman allez, laisses-en plus dedans !” (come on mum, leave some more!), mum would answer “Je vous préviens, vous allez avoir mal au ventre!” (I warn you, you will have a sore stomach!). What did we want? Quite simple: lick the bowls full of uncooked batter! I was always getting the chocolate, my brother the vanilla.

White Chocolate and Matcha Tea

We baked marbré au chocolat et à la vanille (Chocolate Vanilla Marbled Cake) so often that I literally knew the recipe by heart by the age of eight or so. In fact, it was not only one cake we baked but two as we always doubled the ingredients.

Chocolate and vanilla are classic flavors of which, even if seeming boring to some, I just never get tired. They are just that good. It always takes me a lot of time deciding which chocolate and type of vanilla bean to use. I am particularly picky about the chocolate and its cocoa contents — I like it pretty dark — and stick to brands that I like. Quality pays off in the end. Every time I have a slice of marbré, I cannot help by remember my mum’s marbré and re-live the times when I would beg to help her making them. “Attends, c’est moi qui le fait !” (Wait, I will do it!)

I thought to follow the marbled cake basic recipe that I know so well but instead of the traditional chocolate and vanilla flavors, I went for white chocolate and matcha tea. It really worked well. Different. Nice with a cup of tea. We can always reinvent tradition with new ideas.

Note: I just saw today that Sigrid posted a similar recipe, which reminded me of this post prepared before Christmas. I love the look of her cake! What a small world!

White Chocolate and Matcha Tea Marbled Cake

You need:

  • 3 large eggs (2 oz each)
  • 6 1/3 oz all-purpose flour
  • 2 3/4 oz white chocolate (I used Valrhona)
  • 4 1/4 oz butter
  • 5 1/4 oz fine sugar
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • 1.5 tsp Matcha tea
  • 1 tsp baking powder


  • Melt the butter.
  • Place the chocolate in a bowl over a pot of simmering water and let simmer until the chocolate is melted.
  • In the bowl of a stand mixer, place the eggs with the sugar and beat until it is white in color, then remove.
  • Sift the flour with the baking powder and add it to the egg/sugar preparation, mixing manually with a whisk.
  • Then add the salt and butter and mix.
  • Divide the batter in 2/3 and 1/3. Add the melted chocolate to the 2/3 batter and the matcha tea to the 1/3 batter.
  • Preheat your oven at 350 F.
  • Grease a rectangular cake pan and add half of the chocolate batter.
  • Continue with the matcha tea batter and finish with the other half of the chocolate batter.
  • Take a fork and pass it through the different layers of batter.
  • Cook your cake for 50 mns, or until the blade of a knife comes out dry when inserted in the cake. Remove from the oven and let cool for a few mns before unmolding.
Le coin français
Marbré au chocolat blanc et thé vert

Ingrédients :

  • 3 gros oeufs (60 g chacun)
  • 180 g de farine
  • 80 g de chocolat blanc (j’ai utillisé Valrhona)
  • 120 g de beurre
  • 150 g de sucre
  • 1 pincée de sel
  • 1,5 càc de thé matcha
  • 1 càc de levure chimique

Étapes :

  • Faites fondre le beurre.
  • Faites fondre le chocolat au bain-marie.
  • Dans le bol d’un mixeur, mettez les oeufs avec le sucre et battez jusqu’à ce que le mélange blanchisse.
  • Tamisez la farine avec la levure et ajoutez cette préparation sèche au mélange sucre/oeufs. Mélangez avec un fouet, à la main.
  • Ajoutez la pincée de sel et le beurre. Mélangez.
  • Divisez votre préparation en deux dans deux bols séparés, 2/3 et 1/3. Ajoutez le chocolat fondu au premier 2/3 et la poudre de thé matcha au bol contenant 1/3.
  • Préchauffez votre four à 180 C.
  • Beurrez un moule à cake rectangulaire et versez la moitié de la préparation au chocolat blanc.
  • Continuez avec la préparation au thé matcha et finissez par le reste de préparation au chocolat.
  • Passez une fourchette dans le gâteau pour faire un dessin.
  • Mettez au four pendant environ 50 mns, ou jusqu’à ce que la pointe d’un couteau ressorte sèche. Sortez du four et laissez reposer pendant quelques minutes avant de démouler.

Remarque : Je viens juste de voir aujourd’hui que Sigrid a publié une recette similaire, ce qui m’a rappelé ce billet préparé juste avant Noël. J’adore le look de son gâteau. Quel petit monde !

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  1. Bea,
    This is THE recipe for me… I’m a white chocolate lover – to the bones!

    I love your post. My mom used to bake cakes for us (me and my brother), too, and we would beg her to let us lick the batter in the end… We would sit down on a mat in the kitchen and split the remaining batter. I was older so I was faster and got most of the batter to myself. ;D

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  3. A small world it is indeed!! Anyway, your cake looks great (mine, since it was my very first matcha-experience, needed more matcha in the dough…)
    Okay, since we’re in this great moment of harmony… what will you cook tomorrow?? (mmm… let me guess… :-)))

  4. Like Leonine19, I am unable to find matcha in my town, but I have a similar recipe I am just itching to try! I made green tea muffins a few days ago and they were wonderful.

    Your cake looks lovely, Bea.

  5. Those colors are amazing, Bea! I’ve actually never tasted Matcha – just ogled all the gorgeous green desserts around the blogosphere. One of these days I’m really going to have to track some down!

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  7. in many old (american) cookbooks it’s molasses insted of chocolate.

  8. I love routines like this and making a cake every Saturday sounds like the best routine ever!
    I still want to lick the bowl too, but I have to fight off my own rugrats for that now, hehe.

  9. This is the first time I have seen something that motivates me to try the matcha tea.
    So who doesn’t still lick the bowl…some maybe better to lick than others but I still want to lick the bowl!
    Yes, you can reinvent tradition but tradition can always be returned to also!
    Beautiful cake.

  10. Bea, your creative mind is amasing!
    But it’s only me, for dessert always prefer something fat + fat (like chocolate + vanilla or whatever fatty).

  11. Oh my, so beautiful! I have dreamed of the combination of white chocolate and matcha for some times, and your recipe is an inspiration!

    Hi; je suis enchante avec tes photos et comentaires about mon pays; oui; je suis peruvienne et j’habite en france depuis 7 ans; desole pour le fautes ; j’ai ecrit tres mal le francais; enfin;;; Nous sommes a Grenoble ; avec mon mari; (francais du nord 59 un bon chti) et nous sommes aussi arrives depuis de petits vacances au peru; pendant 5 semaines; d’ailleurs nous etions a cuzco la semaine du 26 novembre au 2 decembre. j’adore retourne a cuzco chaque fois que je peux; je viens de Lima; et mes parents ont un petit maison de Campagne a Chincha; au sud du perou; route a Ica;
    Je regarde souvant ton blog; et d’ailleurs je n’avait pas pu le regarde a cause de vacances; et maintenant que je vois les phostos du perou ca me fait chaud au coeur; Jespere que tu as aimer la cuisine de mon pays; on dit souvant que cest la meilleur de l’amerique du sud;
    Merci bcp; et a bientot; dans mon prochain blog; avec des creations du perou; et francaises;

    Viviana Icher

  13. MAIS TON CAKE GENIAL. toujours avec ses photos superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  14. i have not thought to use white chocolate with matcha. white chocolate has a hard time holding its own in dishes i find, however i have not tried valrhona’s white chocolate. i am intrigued…

  15. You better be careful Bea, if you keep posting such amazing recipes I just might have to steal them all!

  16. J’hallucine !! encore du matcha , très réussi aussi comme chez Sigrid, et moi qui trouvait qu’il n’y avair plus trop de matcha et un de mes prochains articles est aussi sur un cake matcha heureusement il n’est pas bicolore!On pourrait penser que j’ai copié !!hihi!

  17. What a fantastic sounding combination! I like my chocolate super dark also…but this white chocolate with matcha sounds sublime! I really have to find a way to get some matcha…it’s not so easy to find here…

    I love comfy routines like that 🙂 And yes, it’s so nice to try new ways with traditional treats:)

  18. Amazing to hear that you knew the recipe when you were 8 by your heart. 🙂 You are gifted!
    The sweetness from the white chocolate and bitterness from the Matcha is a marvelous balance.

  19. Maybe it’s a kids thing, we love licking uncooked batter at home too when we were little;P
    A beautiful marbre to start the week end!

  20. Plus que séduisant, ce cake ! Tout ce vert m’hypnotise… j’adore cette couleur et tes sublimes photos sont de vraies bulles de calme !
    Bravo , comme toujours !!!
    Je ferais bien de venir faire un petit stage-photo chez toi 😉

  21. This is gorgeous, Bea!! So like you to come up with a beautiful and yummy combination. I can’t wait to try out this. A modern marbled cake, that would be! =)

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  23. Love the bright green colours of your marble cake! Such a fun alternative to the usual brown&yellow one!

  24. j’ai beaucoup aimé ce trés beau gâteau et jen’ai pas attendu pour le faire ! Il est délicieux ! (j’ai mis un lien dans mon blog)

  25. I was inspired to make this last night, but unfortunately realized too late that I need to use a mini-loaf pan, and not the regular sized ones!!! I ended up with Marbled Biscotti…hahahaha!

  26. Hello Béa, I made this cake last night and it was delicious! The aroma of the white chocolate is very subtle and I would consider melting some on top of teh cake… That should be really yummy. Thanks for this great recipe!

  27. Bia et Estelle,

    je suis super contente que le gateau vous ait plu! Tres bonne idee Estelle, d’ailleurs, le glacage au chocolat dessus! A faire! Merci!

    Wendy, next time 😉

    Mathilde, if you cannot find Matcha, try fresh fruit puree of some sort, a color and flavor you like, why not?

    Pille, thank you!

    Guylaine, merci!

  28. Hi Bea,

    I am SOO impressed by this entry. I love green tea, especially when its infused into chocolate! i love that your blog is bi-lingual that way i can brush up on my french while reading your blog! your photos are amazing too!

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  32. hi
    can you post or email me , your maman’s traditional marble cake recipe?

  33. Je l’ai fait ce week end et il est excellent, et très beau ! Merci pour cette recette !

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  35. Hi Bea,
    Thanks for such a wonderful recipe! I’ve made it for the CNY but maybe I’ve overbake it. It’s a bit on the dry side. Nevertheless, it’s still nice. Will be making it again.

  36. Hi Bea-
    I agree with Delia – I’ve made this twice and for some reason mine was a bit on the dry side also. I’ve tried cake flour and that helped just a little bit. Is it possible that I’m overmixing? How do you add the matcha green & white chocolate to the batters without overmixing? Thank you!

  37. Hi Debra, and Delia,

    Thanks for your note. Let me ask you. Do you typically weigh your ingredients or use cups? I tend to think that with cups, the amounts vary, and are not as precise. If you can weigh, I would do that first. Also, one other way to look at it is also to add a little milk in the batter, like 1/4 cup milk. Let me know whether this helps. Good luck, and thanks a lot for your feedback. I will try the recipe again myself and let you know, I have not made the cake for a while to be able to remember well the texture.

  38. Bea, I made this cake today with a friend (I brought the white chocolate and she brought the matcha!). It was absolutely delicious, though I watched it so carefully to make sure I didn’t overbake it and dry it out that I pulled it out of the oven prematurely. Even though the knife blade had come out clean, it was still a bit gooey in the middle. Fortunately it wasn’t for a special event and we have all still been slicing into it. I can’t wait to try it again! thanks for the recipe. you have a beautiful site.

  39. Hi Béa,

    Thank you so much for this recipe! I’ve been dying to do some baking with matcha powder and your recipe was the first I tried when I went to a last viewing session of a Twin Peaks Marathon. The experiment succeeded very well indeed! I posted about it in my blog (which is unfortunately in Dutch), and linked to your site.

  40. Hi Béa,

    What a beautiful website that you have. I found this lovely recipe while I was searing for marble pound cakes to make for an upcoming cookie exchange. I have a toy train cake pan from Williams-Sonoma that I am going to try with this recipe. I was also thinking of swirling in raspberry to make a white chocolate, matcha and raspberry pound cake. When the cakes come out of the pan they will reflect the appearance of the swirl, as the cake will have browned on the bottom as opposed to the top. Do you have any suggestions for how to prepare a raspberry type of filling or shall I use jelly? Thank you so much.

  41. This looks amazing! I am obsessed with baking with matcha right now, and I need to make this! But I don’t have a a weight; do you know how many cups of flour I need to make this? thanks!

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  43. We’ve used this recipe twice! So delicious, especially the white chocolate 🙂
    We are an aspiring food service. Would you give some advice on our blog. Yours is truly amazing and your work is inspiring. We want to make food our business but we are just getting started. We have done all we can to utilize the internet and youtube services:

    Please let us know what you think. Thank you!

    Honeysuckle Catering

  44. J’ai fait cette recette aujourd’hui et le gateau est tres bon!

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  47. slt a tous j’ai fait ce gateau ojord8 et jai adoré je m’en suis meme lecher les doigts

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  49. Coming back around to this recipe after enjoying it with a friend in March ’08…she requested it for her visit this coming weekend, and I was happy to say yes! Thanks for sharing so many delicious recipes.

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  51. Bea, this recipe has become one of my favourite Sunday baking sessions. I adapted it back into classic marbré, with dark chocolate in the center and vanilla base for the rest. And I bake with glutenfree flours, but for some reason with your proportions (I guess the butter helps!) the cake is always so mellow and spongy. We love it!

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  54. Hi Bea, what is the oven temperature to bake this cake is i’m using a bundt pan? Thank you!

  55. Hi Atin, the type of mold does not make the temp change. You may want to increase the cooking time though, so check more regularly. Often the shape of the mold determines how much longer or shorter the cooking time needs to be. Good luck with it!

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  57. Does this cake also taste of green tea or is it just the colour? I am definitely going to experiment with this and build my own cake idea on this, thank you for the recipe. 🙂

  58. Hi Julia, there’s definitely the taste of matcha green tea coming through.

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  60. Bonjour !
    J’ai trouvé la recette sur pinterest et je l’ai fait, un vrai régal !! Pour moi la part au matcha était un peu trop solide, mais je sais plus si j’avais mis les bonnes quantités, je compose avec ce que j’ai en général haha
    Je vais le refaire cet après midi sous forme de muffins, j’hésite entre le zébrer (choco, matcha, choco, matcha…) ou le même dressage que ici ! Mais un vrai régal pour moi qui suis fan de desserts au matcha !!!!

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